Afronaut is a three piece country blues band from Soweto,The band started in 2019 by then rapper Fumane Mahane also known as Fumes On The Mic and ex TCIYF guitarist THula Si Zwe. The formation of the band was due to a series of random unfortunate events. They were later JOINED BY Makhalekane Ochestra-violinist Zakhele Mangwanyane.

Since the formation Afronaut has performed in quite a number of shows around Jhb and have received an overwhelming response more especially on areas of songwriting and storytelling seem to be their main focus. The their stories range from life living di_erent moods, thought patterns and being lonely, angry and sad,

Afronaut means Africans from outta space. Afronaut recently signed to Fusemedia/NorthPark publishing a label base in the Netherlands and are set to release their long awaited EP “We’re Here” on all digital platforms sometime this fall. The Project is produced by Barry Berk & Rocksteady.Dub

The nostalgic Indi country punk-blues project was recorded in a single day and has no features.




Anada Trap Story is a Afro hip hop Trio, from the streets of Soweto. It was formed in 2014 by two music artists by the name Bruce-Flexx, Sauceman-Guluva & Doctor’s Orderx. ATS blends various sounds from Kwaito music to the widely known Trap music, constantly producing a new sound that they believe is the future of hip-hop music, by working together they aim to influence and change the music industry into a space where there’s excessive freedom of speech and equality. As we all can imagine, it is never easy growing up in the townships, especially when you are exposed to negative activities such as crime and alcohol abuse ect. This Three black men are motivated by their own struggles “So our goal is to gain influence through music in order for us to bring change in our environment.” ATS believes that music is a universal language, that anyone in the world can understand and be influenced by. Music with an amazing style of singing, and rapping at the same time has led them to work alongside with other authentic artists, Producers, and influencers Such as, F-eezy, Mahotela Queens, Street Carnivore, Mavandal, Don-DADA, Mahlatini II, Dj Mbuso, Neasy-beats, Neo-beats, Sir Trill, Siya Shezi and much more. They have release their debut album “ANADA DAY” in December 2018, across online platforms including iTunes and Spotify. Their album has gain positive remarks on a local and international scale and has granted them the privilege to travel on their first international venture to the annual Canadian Music Week where they had the privilege to share stages with international acts such as Jonathan Butler and more. ATS is working on their second album soon to have release in 2019 and have been releasing a series of songs from their mixtape called ANADA TRAP STORY which will be available for download free online.



 Andile Innocent Hlanze, passionately known as Andyboi is a singer, songwriter, producer, and a deejay. He was born in Witbank (Emalahleni) and raised in Middelburg in the province of Mpumalanga. He’s a former artist at Universal Music South Africa and Soul Candi Records. Andyboi has been passionate about music his whole life. He was born with a voice, a calling that he responded to as early as 4 years old when he started singing for his family and friends. As a teenager, he joined the youth choir at his church and this saw him perform on many stages and was the point where he decided to take his music far more seriously.

Andyboi was a close childhood friend with DJ Cuebur. They started producing house music together in high school and several of their tracks quickly gained popularity on local radio stations. After high school, the two “musicmad” friends, left their hometown, Middelburg in Mpumalanga, to pursue their great dreams in the City of Gold, Johannesburg. Working with a variety of different styles of house, Andyboi is known for being involved with genres like Afro, Soul, and Deep house and adds a smack of a tribal touch to electro house beats. His unique ability to add his own lyrics and vocals to his productions has proved to be a great strength in creating his tracks. His voice, often described as strong and soulful with a panache, a sweet feminine flair that has resulted in him being featured in many other productions working with popular artists like the legendary Robbie Malinga, Jonny Clegg, Cuebur, Shimza, Black Motion, Heavy‐K, Bucie, Revolution, Bricks, Demor, Musa Sukwene, Nakhane Toure, Kid Fanque, Da Capo, Naak Music, Okmalumkoolkat, Just Mo, Afrikan Roots, Nathan Mayor, Xtetiq Soul, DJ Whisky, Sir LSG, Sculptured Music and more. Internationally he has worked with Paso Doble (Canada), Abicah Soul (U.S.A), Azee (Brazil), Johnny Miller (UK), D‐Malice (UK), Nikos Diamantopoulos (Greece), Dicklas One (Angola) and the legendary Tony Touch one of the biggest hip‐hop and house deejays in the world from New York City (U.S.A) who has worked with some of the greatest artists in the music industry like Little Louie Vega, Eminem, P. Diddy, Fat Joe, Sean Paul, Snoop Dogg, Ruben Blades, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def and Wyclif the list goes on.

Andyboi has been featured in top charting songs like “Usangkhumbula” a collaboration with Kid Fonque, Okmalumkoolkat and Cuebur, “We Going Higher” with DJ Shimza, “uMajaivane” with DJ Whisky and Bricks, “Love You Better” with Just Mo, “Round & Round” with Infinite Boys. All the songs reached the number 1 position on YFM Urban Top 40 chart, The Bomb chart and the Hot 99 Dance chart and also did very well on other major radio stations like Metro FM, Ukhozi FM and 5 FM. He released his solo EP as a deejay/producer through Soul Candi Records in 2013 which included successful instrumental songs like “4am”, “Naked Eye” and “See”. He released his single and EP “Wamuhle” in November 2015 under Universal Music South Africa which features a remix by Afrikan Roots and topped the charts reaching number 1 on both charts on YFM Urban Top 40 chart and The Bomb chart on its second week of entry.

April 2014 saw the release of Andyboi’s debut album “Trail Evolution”. The album features 12 original Andyboi tracks which are each uniquely laced with his mesmerizing vocals, spiced up with captivating instrumentals and tied together by the skilful production of the highly regarded Cuebur. The 12th offering is an Andyboi remix of Cuebur’s hit track “No Doubt” featuring Marissa Guzman. His first single from the album single “Emhlabeni” and his biggest hit song did exceptionally well it was one of the national popular house music hit songs in 2014. Emhlabeni was on high rotation and reach the top charts in all the major radio stations and topped all the big charts on YFM it reached the number 1 position on the YFM Urban Top 40 chart, The Bomb chart, and Hot 99 Dance chart. “Emhlabeni” music video was also on high rotation in all the major music TV channels and shows like Live Amp, MTV Base, Channel O,Trace and reached number 2 position on the MTV Base SA top 10 chart. The song was also well received abroad across Africa, Europe and America and reached the number 1 position in Angola’s hit radio station “Mix FM” and stayed on the top chart for five months. Andyboi received an award for music excellence from “House Na Catepa” in Luanda. “Emhlabeni” was nominated for the song of the year at the Radio Afro Music Awards in Australia.  Andyboi was featured on the Coke Studio season 1 in 2015 a Coca Cola music TV show on ETV channel which features some of the best South African artists and did a collaboration with Nakhane Toure to make their hit song “Bekezela”  Besides being busy in the studio of late, he is no stranger to live performances.  He has been a part of various events and shared the stage with some of SA’s  finest artists such as Zahara, Mafikizolo, Mi Casa, Liquideep, Big Nuz, Teargas,  Oskido, Euphonik, DJ Fresh, Black Coffee, Christos, Ganyani, AKA, Casper Nyovest, Ricky Rick and Bucie to mention only a few. On an international scale, Andyboi was invited to open the stage for Madonna in the US in 2012 but unfortunately was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. This incredible opportunity served as inspiration for Andyboi to work even harder, pursuing his dreams of sharing his music on a global scale. Apart from being in studio and making music,  Andyboi continues to thrive with his live performances which have also made a positive impact on his Andyboi brand. Andyboi has ventured on a new business brainchild, “Yinz Events” which he wants to take to the ends of the globe, changing lives of the underprivileged and giving back to the community. He believes that if change is to occur, it is to begin with you doing something to change the lives of those who are in dire need of help. Andyboi has travelled across the African borders, visiting countries like Angola, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Swaziland where all his performances have been a resounding success and have the hearts of thousands of Africans. He continues his journey on the African home ground, bringing inspiration and hope across mountains and rivers through a language that everybody understands no matter where in the world they are. Andyboi is aiming to provide his fans with “good music that will soothe their souls and keep them dancing” and hoping to see his career soar to greater heights in 2020 and years to come. This undoubtedly, is a passion that cannot be undone.



Musician and songwriter Nathi Louw now acclaimed by his stage name, Automatic is a Soweto born multi-talented artist who is paving the way for himself within the music industry of South Africa. Born and raised in Pimville, Soweto. The then young and still amateur singer was privileged at not only meeting, but closely being mentored by well-known lead vocalist and guitarist for the group Harare, Masiko “Funky” Mohape. The extraordinary and fulfilling life experience later led to Nathi gathering three of his close friends; who at the time had no expertise on playing any musical instruments. Together, they formed a band called Reeburth.

Reeburth was a predominantly rock band with a sound that seemed unusual for Black Soweto born individuals. The band initiated a way to engage the particular music with the township community; and by doing this they gained fans and popularity which soon led to Reeburth touring across the country and performing at some of SA’s leading festivals such as, Oppikoppi, RAMFest and Synergy Live. As time went by career paths changed for each band member which then led to the group heading in different directions to pursue their own personal dreams and careers. It was at this stage that Nathi’s passion for music only grew considerably above all his many other talents, which include: art, photography, fashion design, acting, tattooing, specializing and scriptwriting. It is then that the birth of the solorecording artist emerged under the name: Automatic. The musician has worked vigorously on his first album in which he had already  released an afro pop and R&B ballad titled “SkimSaam“. Now, he offers the latest single from the {OUSIX Project} album titled “LOST”. Automatic is working closely on this project with young, indie producer, Nlanhla Dlamini; whom is also known by his stage name, Ousix. The team has so far put together a multi genre album which is about to take music to the next level. The duo’s collaboration expresses their culture in music cognition, including: personal emotions, preferences and experiences. By doing so they believe their fans will too relate to these occurrences. For the most part nonetheless; it is a fun, jam filled album which involve an infusion of Rock, Pop, Dance, Electro and House. Automatic no doubt puts forth an authentic musician with a sound that is set to become widely popular in the music industry of South Africa.




Bongani Zanazo was born in Kimberley in 1969. Where he attended school and matriculated in 1990. Zanazo started his musical career playing drums in Kimberley. Zanazo left Kimberley to seek greener pastures in Johannesburg. He worked with S o u t h A f r i c a n m u s i c l e g e n d s f r o m Busie Mhlongo, Mahlathini and Mahotella Tu Nokwe,Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Joe Nina,Ray Phiri, Siphokazi,Umoja,Kutu,Khanyo,Penny Penny,Pj Powers, Bambatha,Slick Angel,Ndithini,Dan Nkosi,Jeff Maleluke, Tshidi (Malaika), Zamalek,Lungi,Bheki Khoza, Mandisa Dlanga,Sharon Dee as a drummer. Zanazo went on to work with Mahotella Queens as a vocalist after Mahlathini fell ill. Bongani went on to work with u r b a n g r o u p , Brothers of Peace, on a song that they did of Mahlathini called Meropa. Inspired, groomed and mentored by the late Mahlathini, Zanazo is committed to bringing the t raditional sound of Mahlathini to a new generation of fans worldwide. In honour of his mentor, Zanazo has recorded an album titled ‘Mahlathini II’ which fuzes traditional sounds with an urban beats. The album shall be released late this year. As Mahlathini , Zanazo recently joined forces with Mahotella Queens to record tracks and perform at Canadian Music Week spotlight in Toronto Canada. The success of his performance at Canadian Music Week has ushered a new era for Mahlathini to continue to spread the legacy of his late mentor and the ‘gospel’ of Umbanqanga to the rest of the world.



Kgaugelo ‘Jay Popular’ Moncho was born in 1996 in June on the 14th , He grew up in Soweto Meadowlands zone 9  , went to most parts of the south western schools such as unified public school and Florida park high  which groomed him in his early childhood days.

Jay Popular as his known started making music back in high school where he started off with his first E.P ‘back by popular demand ‘ in 2014 which can be found on amazon and other distribution E-markets , the E.P was his first official appearance in the music industry which was found to be phenomenal and had a variety of conscious and trap music as we know it with a little mixture blend of Trap-soul , it composed of 7 tracks.  In 2016 to 2018 Jay Popular made another big move which was a newspaper appearance namely ‘daily sun ‘ and his residential area paper due to his outstanding performance and also a upcoming album coming out which was ‘ They ain’t seen it coming’  which also can be found on several music distribution and streaming sites such as sound cloud and many more.