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Why Southern Africa?

If Africa is to realize its developmental goals of lifting its population out of abject poverty, achieve digital literacy and build its capacity to compete in a world economy that is increasingly being defined as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the 16 countries that make up the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) will need to assume a prominent role in ensuring that the economic benefits of regional integration do indeed trickle down to its citizens who make up the 300 Million household population.

Hitting the right notes

SAMW’s Spotlight on Southern African countries will feature market specialists & industry professionals from the incoming Southern African countries.

Experience it online!

Register today to be part of the online experience from 23 -25 November 2021.

Setting the stage

SAMW provides a springboard for all aspiring musicians from the entire Southern African Region. Here, the stage is literally set for all 16 countries to showcase their finest and most promising talent to a global audience -in real time and streamed live.

Virtual online experience

TECH TRADE EXPO Two-day technology trade expo brings together 16 Southern African and is the perfect arena for trendsetters and techno savvy genius to exchange ideas on how digital technology has impacted the industry. Here they will find the tools needed to build careers that are not just profitable, but sustainable.

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23 – 25 NOVEMBER 2021










South African Music Week (SAMW) is a public-private-partnership between Government, South African Music Week and the private sector. SAMW is the largest music conference and tech expo in Southern Africa, also serves as a music festival and industry music-awards event. It is the international marketplace for Africa’s music industry to perform, trade, collaborate and export its music, culture, attract business, investment, trade and tourism. The event is the ideal platform for the creation of employment, sharing of ethical business practices, advanced technology, innovation, trademark and copyright protection.

Ingrooves acquires South Africa-based distributor, Electromode

London-based Ingrooves Music Group has acquired independent South Africa-based music distributor Electromode, marking Ingrooves’ entrance into the growing African music market. Electromode Managing Director Chris Ghelakis will continue to lead the team based in...

UMG Africa Head Calls for 5% African Content on Global Playlist

Universal Music Group new Sub Saharan and South Africa CEO Sipho Dlamini has called for a minimum of 5% African musical content on the global playlists of world leading Digital Services Providers (DSPs) Apple and Spotify. “Literally just 5% on New Music Friday, so you...

Complete idiot’s Guide to Sending me Free Stuff: by Hans Werksman

– Here Comes the Flood originator. You, budding artist, big time PR honcho or whatever, wants to send me something. Me, big time music blogger, will teach you. Sending me free stuff Albums? Concert tix? T-Shirts? Red Carpet treatment? For me? Yes? You're too...

Will 2021 Herald A Golden Age of Artist Partnerships For Independent Labels

While the current COVID-19 pandemic transforms aspects of the “norm” worldwide the recorded music business, which continues to be sustained by streaming income, has remained relatively insulated from any commercial downturn so far. To ensure that this situation stays...

Distrokid Launches ‘Matchmaking service’ to Help Labels Find Unsigned Artists

AMERICAN Seatle-based independent digital music distributor Distrokid has upped the game and launched a new service to help record labels and unsigned artist find one another.The new service, named Upstream, enables major and indie record companies to mine its data...

Call for Artists Bonuses after Spotify Massive Share Price Rise

Independent artists worldwide are calling for a bonus from Spotify after the Swedish streaming giant has seen a recent massive share price increase. Spotify, worth $ 67bn, has seen its share price treble in the past 10 months including hitting an all-time high of 7%...

Musicians Should Be Headstrong about Music they Want to Make – Coffee

World acclaimed DJ Black Coffee says musicians should be headstrong and not allow the audience or other musicians to determine what kind of music they should make. Speaking at the second day of the SA Music Week the South African hitmakers said some artists allow...

Converging Music, Technology and Business – South African Music Week Announced

South Africa and Canada partner in 2021 to help “build a robust cross-border music industry based on collaboration and making the most of ‘Music in the 4IR’” Johannesburg, 29 December 2020 – Announced today, the South African Music Week (SAMW), a new annual...

Catchy ‘Corona’ Song Spreads Positive Message

Wash up nice and sanitize – South African Music Week launches first multi-national musical collaboration to sing the home-grown song, “Corona” to encourage people of the world to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 Johannesburg, 30 December 2020 – Underpinning South...
Arnaud de Puyfontaine, CEO, Vivendi

Universal Music Group parent Vivendi has confirmed that a Tencent-led consortium decided yesterday (December 17) to buy an additional 10% stake in UMG.

The transaction, which will take place during the first half of 2021 subject to regulatory approvals, will take the Tencent-led consortium’s total holding in UMG to 20%. The group closed the acquisition of its fist 10% in the music company in Q1 this year. Like that...