South African Music Week (SAMW) is an annual gathering of creative minds and the business savvy rooted in the music and the arts, that will transform the City of Joburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa, into a thriving hub of artistic creativity. The premise of SAMW is for those in the industry to share best practice, set-up partnerships and collaborate with creative counterparts in countries around the world, in order to foster commercial relationships, as well as developing a robust and vibrant entertainment sector that is digitally fit and sustainable.

Against the backdrop of a severely restricted trading year for all industries, the entertainment sector has been forced to pivot in order to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and its own survival. This is where SAMW enters the arena.

SAMW is a free event that comprises three days of insightful panel discussions led by industry luminaries, an expo, B2B networking, interspersed with artist performances. Each year, there will be a spotlight on a different country, and in 2021, SAMW has partnered with colleagues in Canada, who will share their insights and explore opportunities, along with their South African colleagues.

In 2021, SAMW will be fully virtual, although in years to come, it is anticipated this will be extended to embrace a hybrid event format.

Why Canada

Canada has produced some of the world’s biggest names in music: Justin Bieber to Michael Bublé, The Weekend and Drake and more. Canada also has a well-established music market, through which in a fact-finding mission in 2019 and again in early 2020, the organisers of SAMW have identified numerous beneficial opportunities for both countries. These that can be explored at this inaugural event, which will also set the scene for future engagements with other countries around the world.

At the core of this year’s engagement will be the following pillars:

Artistic and business collaboration
Access to and touring Canadian markets
Scholarship and education opportunities between the countries
Cross-border cultural and technology exchange
Skills transfer and training